Saturday, November 26, 2011

Free As A Bird: Easter Egg(man) Hunt

A goofy little game for you to waste a few moments on. How many song references can you find in the 'Free As A Bird' video? I can find a total of 25 (listed below). Have I missed any? I'm referring to songs only, and not albums or various other Beatle events/characters

1. 0:05 Photos on mantlepiece: In My Life
2. 1:03 Strawberry Fields gate: Strawberry Fields Forever
3. 1:14 Penny Lane: Penny Lane
4. 1:19 Eggman delivery van: I Am The Walrus
5. 1:31 Nurse selling poppies from tray and barbershop: Penny Lane
6. 2:02 Happy Birthday cake in window: Birthday
7. 2:20 Car crash scene: A Day In The Life
8. 2:35 Helter Skelter Slide: Helter Skelter
9. 2:35 Kite in air: Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite
10. 2:42 Ladder to upstairs window: She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
11. 2:50 Pigs in lane: Piggies
12. 2:56 Man typing: Paperback Writer
13. 3:09 Chairman Mao sticker on window: Revolution
14. 3:11 Blue Meanie in chimney: Yellow Submarine
15. 3:22 Woman leaving house getting into taxi: She's Leaving Home
16. 3:22 Chairman Mao picture crossing road: Revolution (again)
17. 3:24 Yellow submarine passing top of street?: Yellow Submarine
18. 3:31 Indian hunting party with elephants: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
19. 3:47 Sgt Pepper drum and cutouts: Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
20. 3:58 Eleanor Rigby headstone: Eleanor Rigby
21. 4:01 Old English sheepdog: Martha My Dear
22. 4:04 Paul McCartney dancing on wall: The Fool On The Hill
23. 4:04 Woman walking with suitcases: She's Leaving Home (again)
24. 4:05 Winding road to distance: The Long And Winding Road
25. 4:32 Hard days night footage: A Hard Day's Night


  1. Good stuff. But for a real challenge, how about going through the entire Love soundtrack and identifying each song fragment used in all the mash-ups? That might take a good long while....


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