Friday, October 18, 2013

The Ground Will Shake - Miss Serene

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Dublin band fuses 1950's R&B and Rock n Roll roots with a modern Pop/Punk edge.

Founded earlier this year, THE GROUND WILL SHAKE hail from Dublin, Ireland. They are: Gavin Healy - bass; Paul O'Connor - vocals/guitar; Joe Rodgers - drums and Adam Smith - guitar/vocals.

Spotted accidentally, (he turned up expecting to see someone else) by Radiators from Space guitar player Pete Holidai, he offered his services to produce a record. This early show was a mix of 1950's covers and original material. "It was hard to know which songs were old and which were new..well I knew but you know what I mean" (Holidai) The name came about when during their first gig an irate barman asked them to turn down, he could feel the vibrations through the floor from behind the bar. "The Ground Will Shake" was Gavin's cheeky reply, and the name was born.

The music and style of the 1940's and 1950's has made a lasting impression on The Ground Will Shake. They write songs that fuse roots, rhythm and blues, rock and jazz, with the sensibilities of contemporary music, to create a sound and style, which pays homage to these foundations but shakes them, creating a new feel, niche and vision.

The Ground Will Shake have already played live on RTE's Arena and are tuning their set for key supports which will be announced on their website - and Facebook page. The bands debut single 'Miss Serene' is released on Cooler Records on November 1st 2013. Their self-titled album will be released in Spring 2014.

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